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'Variturn' Range

The 'Variturn' range of lathes are as the 'Classic' range with the added benefit of being fitted with the L.R.E. 'Variturn' electronic speed control system.


The 'Variturn' addition enhances the already superb Graduate into a truly outstanding lathe, offering the flexibility of three infinitely variable speed ranges allowing the user to choose from either low, medium or high speed range to ideally suit the work piece being turned ie. large, medium or small diameter pieces.


Configuration and choice of speed ranges have been carefully calculated to offer enough speed range to complete a piece from initial roughing out, to fine finishing just at the turn of a dial without the need to stop and manually change the vee belt position or put up with the approximate fixed speed choice which will be either too slow or too fast, in the case of the later very dangerous on large unbalanced blanks.


Because we choose to fit very high quality top of the range electronic systems they offer ultimate performance over the entire speed range (100 - 2400 rpm.) with added features of spindle direction control (forward & reverse) at the turn of a switch. Also you have the choice of two 'Ramp' settings so the spindle will accelerate and decelerate from minimum to maximum speed within the range in either 2 or 10 seconds to suit the type of piece being worked on.


The entire 'Variturn' system has been carefully designed to be fitted and integrated within the lathe, with the fully featured control station fitted in the original stop/start push button position. No external wiring or trailing leads give the appearance of OEM design.


A choice of either a 1 hp or 1.5hp systems available to suit your needs. The 1.5 hp highly recommended for the 'Short Bed' model. Both run on a standard domestic 240 volt single phase supply. Three phase versions are also available.


Specification differences to the 'Classic'


Spindle speed (3)      100-950, 160-1450, 250-2400 rpm.

Motor power              1 hp standard (1.5hp optional)

Spindle direction        forward or reverse

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