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Popular spare parts for Graduate lathes

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  Woodturning Lathes

Part No. Description    

£ (Sterling)

Spindle Assembly      


 JL-323 Main spindle    


 JL-6010/6208 Main spindle  bearings (pair)  


 JL-327 Outboard bearing carrier  


 JL-1710 Vee belt     


 JL-324 Main pulley 4 step *    


 Motors & Drive      
 JL-73 4 step pulley * Imperial (5/8") Bore 


 JL-73E 4 step pulley * Metric (19mm) Bore 


 JL-B56/750 Motor (imperial) 1 phase 240v 5/8" shaft


 JL-80G4 Motor (Metric)  1 phase 240v 19mm shaft


 JL-321/1b/2 Turn buckle  Assembly  


 JL320a Eccentric cam     



 JL-C12 (OEM part)

Contactor/starter with overload 240 volt single phase



Stop/Start button panel (complete)   


 JL-3BR Micro switch     top Lid or motor door

(each)        25.00

 Tailstock (centre lathe)      
 JL-333 Tailstock body  (casting)   


 JL-133a Spindle     


 JL-135a Hand wheel     


 L2A-58 Retaining key     


 L2A-60 Eccentric shaft     


 JL-300 Locking lever     


 L6-7-41 Stop pin     


 L2A-66 Eye bolt     


 L2A-48 Clamp plate     


 JL-298 Thumb screw     


 Tee Rest Base  (centre lathe)      
 JL-334 Complete assy  (not inc tee rest)  


 JL-392/3a Nipping stud  (l/hand thread)   


Outboard turning         
 JL-311a Curved arm     


 JL-315a Centre pin     



Locking lever 

(inc ball knob) 



 JL-316 Large washer     


 JL-392/3 Nipping stud  (r/hand tread)   


 Short Bed        
 JL-423a Short bed casting  (fully machined)  


 JL-311b Tailstock assy  (complete)   


 JL-298 Thumb screw     


 JL-6 Short bed (Full assembly)   


This is a selection of 'Popular' spares but we can supply most parts for Graduate Lathes

please click on one of the links below for exploded drawings and full parts listings

and email for prices and availability

Items marked * are of limited supply and subject to availability


Prices ex works carriage/postage extra

NOTE; Tailstock, Tee Rest base, Outboard and Short bed are available as complete

assemblies at a discounted rate please ask for prices